Yoga Holidays & Retreats

The worldwide community of yogis and yoginis keeps growing, and it is nice to celebrate this sense of belonging through dedicated meeting days. We organize various yoga events in Sicily, such as yoga holidays, yoga retreats, and workshops. These events are to share our common interest and passion for yoga and eastern philosophies.

The yoga holidays and retreats are also to disconnect from the routine, relax, and recharge in enchanting locations surrounded by beautiful nature.

A theme inspires all our retreats.

Therefore, some free lectures accompany our yogic practice for you to understand the theoretical background of what we do and why.

We offer multi-level and multi-style yoga classes, martial arts, meditation, bodywork, massages, and delicious and nourishing food.

Whether you are looking for a gateway, some time for contemplation, or an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and go back to a regular practice, make new friends or explore new territory while doing yoga, our retreats will serve you exactly what you need.

They are suitable for experienced and newbie yogis.
Just gift yourself some real well-being!

Upcoming Retreats