In my last article, “how to choose the right yoga retreat for you,” I illustrated the salient features of the different yoga retreat formulas.
Now I want to talk to you about the benefits a yoga retreat can give you as an alternative to an average vacation.

Whatever the formula you prefer, a yoga retreat is never equivalent to a pure and simple vacation.
This is because it focuses on the psycho-physical well-being of each participant, allowing them to “switch off” from everyday life.
However, this does not happen simply by substituting one hectic, albeit more pleasant, routine for another (as generally occurs during an ordinary vacation) but by allowing you to slow down and enjoy the time at your disposal more deeply and intensely.

In fact, how many times have we returned from holidays perhaps more tired than we were when we left?
Feeling drained and devoid of energy once we return to our daily lives?!

This happens because, during the classic holidays, we often continue to support ourselves.
What we need nowadays is to slow down the pace, dilate time, enliven our feelings and thus be able to savor and appreciate every moment more.

We need to take a break from busy schedules, smartphones and TVs, conversations of circumstance, and generally, from the role we play daily in society.
Yoga practice and meditation are precious and essential for this purpose, being the means that electively allow us to stop, stay in ourselves and get back in touch with our deepest and most authentic parts, regaining our center and roots.
We also need to rediscover and appreciate the natural rhythm of the days by paying attention to what is around us, to immerse ourselves in nature to enjoy its beneficial and powerful effect on us, particularly on our nervous system.

A yoga retreat means all this and more, such as meeting like-minded people to exchange genuine and meaningful conversations and good laughs, as well as – not least – approaching a diet made up of delicious dishes and natural, healthy, and genuinely nutritious foods.
A yoga retreat will thus give you an authentic sense of relaxation, well-being, and connection with yourself and with the surrounding world.
Eventually, you will feel truly regenerated and can return to everyday life, bringing you a little more harmony, joy, and fullness.