Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is the Yoga of the breath, a dynamic and fluid practice that develops through sequences.
The sequence is arranged in such a way that each movement corresponds to one breath.
This practice, excellent for toning the muscular system and the cardiovascular system, requires a good physical condition and a basic understanding of the main asanas.

Frequently asked questions

It is preferable to do not because Vinyasa Yoga needs a basic knowledge of the major asana.
Vinyasa Yoga underlines an understanding of Hatha Yoga. Therefore, it is recommendable to take some Hatha Yoga classes first.
Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid, dynamic and intense practice. It tones the muscular system, increase flexibility, and develops coordination between movements and breaths.
A Vinyasa Yoga class may start with a few minutes of meditation or breathing exercise. The core of the class is a sequence of asanas arranged differently by the teacher all the time. The poses are held for a short time, and the transitions between the poses are quick and smooth. The class ends with the final relaxation.
No. You may wear normal gym clothes and you do not need to use props.

Yes. I regularly organize yoga retreats and yoga teacher training course on Vinyasa Yoga both in Sicily and abroad.