Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Object

The professional – Alida Angela Maugeri – offers services related to yoga on the website Kamlayoga.com with the modalities specified in the present regulation.

  1. Conclusion of the purchase contract

The deposit payment, which is a percentage of the total amount, finalizes the purchase of training and retreats. The balance is due eight weeks before the start of the event.

The deposit is never refundable in the event of cancellation of the booking by the Client.

The purchase of an individual class or package finalizes the buying of online and in-person courses.

This payment is never refundable, and the Client must attend all yoga classes within the time frame specified at the time of purchase.

The booking of an event, registration for yoga classes, both online and in-person, is nominative and not transferable to third parties.

  1. How to use the purchased services

Training and retreats: the Client will receive confirmation of the booking of participation in the selected event when the deposit payment is received.

Online classes: the Client shall have access to the online courses held on the Zoom platform from the first working day that follows the payment and according to the formula chosen.

In-person classes: The Client will have access to in-person courses from the first working day that follows the payment according to the chosen formula.

  1. Cancellation of the yoga event: training course, retreat, workshops

If the professional cancels the event, the Client may request a refund or transfer the booking to another course or retreat already scheduled on Kamlayoga.com.

When the Client asks for a refund of the deposit, any payment fees will be charged to the Client.

In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, the deposit is never refundable.

  1. Prices

The prices shown on the website are in euros and include any tax charges.

  1. Invoicing

The Client needs to request the invoice and specify the email address for its reception. The professional will emit the invoice by the end of the month of payment.

  1. Methods of payment

The payment methods accepted by the professional are:

– Bank transfer

– Pay Pal (bank fees is on the Client)

– Transfer Wise

– Cash payment

  1. Copyrights

All the contents present on Kamlayoga.com and the social networks are reserved and belong to the professional himself.

It is expressly forbidden to modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, translate, license, transfer or sell any information extracted from the Site or social networks connected to it.

Printouts or downloads of the content mentioned above, other than for archiving or personal viewing, requires written permission from the trader.

  1. Jurisdiction

The Client who does not have residence or domicile in Italy expressly declares that they accept Italian law and jurisdiction for interpreting, executing, and resolving any disputes arising from these regulations.

For civil disputes relating to applying the present general terms and conditions, the place of jurisdiction shall be Catania.

  1. Privacy

The Client authorizes the processing of their personal and sensitive data exclusively to execute this regulation, which will be regulated and protected by EU Reg. 2016/679.

  1. Use of images

The Client authorizes the professional to use any audiovisual material produced during the yoga events. The professional may use these images for promotional purposes on Facebook, Instagram, web page, and other yoga portals.

  1. Code of conduct

Every participant in a yoga event commits to adhere to the Kamla Yoga code of conduct, which includes:

– respect and politeness towards the teacher and the other participants

– openness to learning, different opinions, and new perspectives

– punctuality, presence, sharing, and compassion towards oneself and others

– vegetarian or vegan diet (any food allergies must be reported in advance)

– moderate or no use of coffee and tea

– no alcohol or drugs for the duration of the retreat

– no smoking inside the yoga center

  1. Obligation of the buyer

After the purchase procedure, the Client undertakes and is obliged to print and keep these regulations.

The Client declares herewith to have read and accepted these terms and conditions before the purchase conclusion.