Alida Maugeri

Founder of Kamla yoga
E-RYT 500 – Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra yoga and meditation teacher

Yoga is, for me, a fantastic tool for introspection and self-discovery. Even in modern society, yoga provides us with the instruments to enquire, unwind and express our true Self.
My spiritual journey began many years ago in London with a regular yoga class at the gym.
Despite my ignorance about yoga then, the spark ignited immediately.
After years of practicing with different teachers, my path led me to India, where I lived and dived into the significant styles of traditional yoga such as hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, iyengar.
Eventually, I graduated as a Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga teacher in India, where I shaped most of my yogic background.
I extended my competence back to Italy with other courses on Yin, Power Vinyasa, Somatic, Fascia, Functional anatomy, and neuroscience.
I also completed many programs for self-development and personal growth, and I was certified as a meditation facilitator by the Humaniversity in the Netherlands.
My lifestyle has always been active, sporty, and healthy. I am passionate about surfing and sports in general.
Today I appreciate the value of movement for the well-being of body and mind even more. However, I consider and share yoga as an embodying practice rather than mere physical exercise.
I continue educating myself in many spiritual and personal growth subjects.
My vision is to lead empowering teacher training and retreats where people can experience a new dimension of yoga and discover unique and unexplored spaces inside themselves.
I love the power of the group dynamic and creating a sacred space for this to unfold.
I believe that accompanying others, with compassion and dedication, through this journey is my dharma.

Krisztina Juhasz

E-RYT 200 – Hatha, Vinyasa, Nidra yoga teacher and Photographer

I fell in love with yoga many years ago when I first stepped into a studio in London.
Since then, yoga has become my daily practice, inspiration, exercise, and challenge.
After spending some time in India, I trained there as a teacher, qualifying in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, during which I deepened my knowledge not only in physicality but discovered new depths about myself.
I can confidently say this was the most inspiring time in my life, a truly life-changing experience.
I teach several different styles of Yoga Flow at a unique movement studio in London and host regular online classes.
I’m always searching for a deeper understanding, and finding new ways to hone my yoga knowledge. To that end, I completed a Yoga Nidra & Somatic Teacher training course with Alida in 2022.
I have also been a Professional Portrait Photographer for 15 years, so the importance of being present really resonates. I’ve noticed that many people often feel shy or nervous in front of a camera, so I always have my Yoga toolkit to remind my clients of their inner strength and outer beauty.
I want them to feel empowered and open when they are in front of my camera.
I believe that beauty shines from within, helping people to be in awe of everything around them and letting their inner warrior shine is brought together in my yoga and photography.
When that beautiful union happens, I’m ready to capture those incredible moments.

Francesca Perazzone

E-RYT 200 – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Nidra yoga teacher

I discovered yoga when I was 30, following a health problem.
I immediately understood that I had found that sense of peace and well-being I had always sought.
Over the years, I have attended several Hatha yoga courses that have allowed me to embark on a beautiful self-discovery journey.
After many years of practice, I decided to train as a teacher of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga which I now teach full-time in Biella (Italy).
I subsequently took other courses to broaden my education, such as Yin yoga, Nidra yoga, and Hands-on Adjustment. Nowadays, I continue to study and train with other valuable teachers to expand my understanding and abilities even more.
I like to convey passion, change, and gratitude through my practice and experience when I teach.
I want to show my students that the physical body is an indispensable tool to feel and become self-aware to live a more fulfilling life.
With my story and teaching, I hope to inspire other people not to be afraid of change and to nourish their souls through love and passion.

Belen Perez Leiros

Qigong, Yin yoga teacher and Therapist

Belen is Argentinean, and she currently lives in Sicily.
An eternal apprentice, she found her philosophy of life in Taoism, in harmony with nature and its cycles, with all its depth and richness.
She has practiced Qi gong for fourteen years and Yin yoga for two years.
While working as a clinical psychologist, she has been a Qi Gong instructor for seven years.
Her path has always been linked to service.
She trained and worked as a psychotherapist and healer, body and movement-oriented.
Dancer by passion and always interested in the arts of movement, she has practiced different types of dances (jazz, Afro-Caribbean, contemporary, butoh, five rhythms), different types of yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Yin yoga), tai chi, and qigong.
She studied astrology, photography, and reiki very young.
After graduating with a degree in psychology, she continued her studies in dance movement therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, qi gong, zen shiatsu, and yin yoga.
Today she is dedicated to teaching from a therapeutic approach, sharing Taoist practices, such as Qi gong, Yin yoga, and Zen shiatsu.