Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the Yoga of the strength, the practice to balance our masculine energy (Ha/ Sun), and feminine energy (Tha/ Moon) to establish unity again.

The asanas are performed in a solid way to promote the muscular system’s strengthening, tonicity, and flexibility.

Proper focus is given to the body alignment and the breath.

This dynamic practice is adaptable to everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Hatha Yoga is the best practice to start and build a solid foundation.
No. Hatha Yoga is extremely adaptable to any physical conditions and age. The asana may be performed at different levels and through variations
Hatha Yoga is a wide practice that allows for varying and always creating new sequences. Overall, it aims to develop the muscular system, increase flexibility, and develop awareness of the breath and the body posture through the correct body alignment.
The class begins with a short meditation or breathing exercise, sequences of poses afterward, and it ends with the final relaxation.
No. You may wear normal gym clothes and you do not necessarily need to use props.
Yes. I regularly organize yoga retreats and yoga teacher training course on Hatha Yoga both in Sicily and abroad.