• Start date: 19/05/2024

  • End date: 19/05/2024


  • Price: 40 euro

    • Shared room:
    • Private room:

Join us to spend a day in nature, slow down your steps, breathing and thoughts.
During the walk we will dedicate ourselves to walking consciously by observing our surroundings, our breathing and enjoying the company of the guides (Catherine & Alida) and the participants.
Our trekking is a journey of connection with the environment and with others.
During one of the stops, we will practice breathing exercises useful for rebalancing the energy channels: ida and pingala.
Before returning to Catania, we will enjoy a homemade aperitif-lunch together at Papaveri & Papere in Nicolosi.

Cost for Kamla Yoga students 25 euros
Cost for other participants 40 euros

Meeting point “ai Pini” in Nicolosi at 9:00 am:We will drive together towards the southern side and leave the car at the entrance
door of Monte Concilio.
We will walk through the 2001 lavas and identify the 1886 and 1892 lavas. We will
stand in the shade of the pines and poplars of Monte Grosso.
We will observe the eruptive vents and the spectacular panorama.
Finally, we will return to our starting point and by car we will reach the Papaveri &
Papere to enjoy an aperitif in cheerful company.

To book your place a non-refundable deposit of 15 euro is required.