• Start date: 02/05/2024

  • End date: 09/05/2024

  • Location: Agriturismo Biologico Case Don Ignazio Noto Contrada Carcicera, 33, 96017 Noto SR

  • Price:

    • Shared room: 1225 €
    • Private room: 1400 €

Yin yoga is commonly known as a gentle yoga practice. However, there is much more than that to explore.
Yin yoga is a passive practice in contraposition to all other yang yoga styles (hatha, vinyasa, power, rocket). Being a slow practice that requires holding the poses for several minutes, it also becomes a meditation. Training the mind to develop a proper yin attitude in and out of your yoga mat practice is necessary.
Yin yoga is a modern style of yoga developed in the US by Paul Grilley; however, the physiology of yin yoga roots in ancient Chinese medicine. Therefore, Yin yoga is a fascinating and complex subject.
This training provides a complete and solid foundation of the theory and methodology of yin yoga and a good understanding of the principles of Chinese meridians and the five elements theories’.
The course also provides all the skillsets necessary to teach yin yoga confidently. You will learn all the yin yoga poses with their variations, the correct use of props, the use of the voice, and cueing.
Overall, this course will clarify the true essence of yin yoga and how to use this practice to bring balance and harmony into daily life and become a more complete and aware yoga teacher.
Furthermore, the training structure is as such to promote introspection and self-reflection to allow the students to go even deeper in their practice.
The beauty and quietness of the location also support the inner work and contribute to delivering an unforgettable and transformative experience.

We will serve a vegetarian and vegan brunch and dinner using only seasonal and local products.

The teacher of this training is Alida.

We look forward to welcoming you in Sicily!

7:30 am Yang yoga practice
9:00 am Yin theory
10:30 am Brunch
12:00 pm Chinese meridian theory
1:30 pm Asana lab
3:00 pm Tea break
4:00 pm Yin theory/ meditation/ practicum
5:30 pm Yin yoga practice
7:30 pm Dinner

Theory and philosophy of yin yoga; methodology of yin yoga; TCM and Chinese meridian theory;
anatomy and fascia; twenty-five yin poses with their variations; propping, use of the voice and cueing; the art of sequencing; teaching practice.

Daily yang practice and yin practice; active meditation and sharing circle

The price includes accommodation, food (veg brunch, dinner, tea, and snacks), course fee, course manual, and YACEP certificate.
The transfer from/to Catania airport is available at an extra cost