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” I wanted to train in Yin Yoga as I really enjoyed that different approach.
I wasn’t expecting much more than a training, but it turned out to be a wonderful transformative journey. Alida had carefully planned every class and meditation so that we would open more and more, and I believe each and one of us let something heavy go, and we felt not only much more open in our body and mind afterwards, but also in our heart.
I really recommend Alida and any of her trainings. She is a knowledgeable and caring teacher, challenging on what needs to be outgrown and efficient in all of her teachings, in theory and in practice.
I remember at the end of the course she told us she believed she had taught us everything she knew, and I strongly believe she did.
A thousand times thank you Alida, you will remain one of my strongest mentors.”


” If you don’t want to read a long review, let me just say:
I chose Alida’s Yin yoga teacher training because I wanted to visit Italy PLUS I wanted to gain more knowledge about how best to teach Yin yoga so my students can receive the most benefit from their practice. Before deciding on this training, I researched Alida’s background as a yogi and a teacher, and I researched the location. Everything I read convinced me that it would be a good experience – and it was! It was beyond my expectations: amazing, rewarding, enriching on so many levels, outstanding in every way!
Alida’s yogic presence set a beautiful tone. She was an attentive hostess, a beautiful role model, as well as a knowledgeable teacher. In her teaching style, one quality I really appreciated was her openness to new/different ideas. Other teacher-trainers I’ve worked with have been more dictatorial in imparting their views – not so welcoming to questions or suggestions.
I highly recommend this training! Alida is a beautiful spirit, a gifted teacher, deeply committed to her practice, and the location, Zen Sicily, is a dream!”


” I don’t have social media and I normally don’t leave comments, but the experience on the Yang& Yin retreat and the lovely Alida, kind of made it impossible not to.
I have been practicing different styles of yoga in the last 10 years and I can honestly say that Alida is a very mindful, kind and patient teacher. She is able to support and push her students in a very gentle way and always with a big smile. We all felt very free to be ourselves and had a great time with lots of laughter as a community. In particular, the OSHO meditations were for me, a liberating and exciting new way of practicing meditation. Alida is a very intuitive and knowledgeable teacher that has led by example, providing a wonderful experience of Yoga as a lifestyle to us all. I wish you all the best, you really have a gift and I hope we will meet again some day on the mat”


” Alida is an amazing teacher, she creates such a safe space during her classes. I joined her for a yin yoga teacher’s training, and it was an enormously transformative experience. She shares her knowledge and smiles in the most beautiful way! Highly recommended!


” I attended Yin Yoga Teacher Training organized by Alida in Sicily and it was an incredible experience! I learned so much during just one week – besides the theory, philosophy, methodology, asana lab etc. (which will certainly help me in teaching!), she created the environment in which our group embraced what yin yoga really means and what it teaches about ourselves. Alida is super knowledgeable about yoga but even more importantly, she teaches from the heart. If you have an opportunity, give yourself a gift and join one of Alida’s classes, retreats, or teacher trainings – she is an excellent yoga teacher and facilitator!


” I participated in Alida’s Yin yoga teacher training last April in Sicily. I went without really knowing where I was going to. I found myself experiencing a deep and moving journey from Alida’s hand.
I met her kind humanity, her generosity in sharing from her open heart and experience, her passion towards yoga and her grounding presence.
She created a safe space for each member of the group to express itself, allowing whatever came through each one’s process with compassion, attention, and respect.
I profoundly recommend her and her sharing!
Thank you cara Alida.
Been a pleasure meeting you.